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This month's talk with Marjo Lebbe was truly very inspiring!

"Since the age of three I have been painting animals at my grandfather's studio. I was always looking for pictures of animals, preferably horses, which I ripped out of their context and gave a whole new life on paper.

Never did I listen to the paps' advice and tips on how to get the proportions better, I knew everything better, thought my own style was much nicer, but without words it was his talent that flowed through my hands from the brush. His greatest wish was to do an exhibition of our paintings together with me, before he died. His wish came true, it was called 'Lebbe and Lebbe' and I am very sure he was there.”

EquiHome will organise an auction of this beautiful Equine Aquarel Art during the third week of Knokke Hippique!

Meanwhile you should definitely take a look at her capturing creations via https://www.marjolebbeaquarel.be/

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Spectacular equestrian centre in Mol

This magnificent equestrian complex is located in Mol. It’s only a 30 minute drive to Sentower Park in Oudsbergen and a one hour drive to Azelhof in Lier. The Kempen, where Mol is situated, in the province of Antwerp is known as a true horseregion. 
This luxurious accommodation is quiet and rural, and offers an overload of luxury, quality and design for both rider and horse. In total there are 41 spacious stables, an indoor arena measuring 30m x 60m and an outdoor arena measuring 20m x 60m. There are also 2 lunging circles. You’ll find no fewer than nine washing places, as well as four tack rooms and two drying rooms. All equipped with the best materials and an eye for detail. Everywhere attention is paid to design: an incredibly beautiful entrance leads you to the arena, finished in glass, with space for receiving guests. The stables are equipped with a system that extracts manure and straw. This eliminates the need for wheelbarrows and keeps the corridors clean. A beautiful canter track with a length of 600 meters is also available. It is lovely to ride here, surrounded by nature. 10 sand paddocks, 9 grass paddocks and 4 large meadows are provided to make sure all horses have enough turnout space. In addition, there is also a very large meadow next to the villa, which is currently the place for the horses that are retired from competition. In a separate building, there is also an oval horse walker for 8 horses. The infrastructure to run a breeding station is present, as well as a separate room for farrier and veterinarian. This outbuilding also offers enough space for storage of straw, hay and so on.
This equestrian centre also has a total of 6 flats and a separate villa. In the horse complex itself, there is a 3-bedroom house, 2 studios, a finished flat, which currently houses an employee, and 2 similar casco flats. Again, in these houses quality and luxury is the norm with high ceilings, spacious rooms and finishes with the best materials. You have a wonderful view on the stables from this house. In addition, there are two separate cafeterias for the staff and the complex benefits from a large number of solar panels.
In the garden of the equestrian complex, we find the beauty of nature with a large pond that can also serve as an aquatrainer for your horses. The garden is completely designed to create peace and harmony. This beautiful complex is situated on 15 Ha.
The separate villa situated on this domain has a large garden, surrounded by trees, making it quiet and private. On the ground floor you’ll find the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom with dressing room. On the first floor there are 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The villa has a full basement. In the garden of this luxurious villa there is a space for a built-in pool of about 5.5m x 11m and an outbuilding with separate toilet and shower. This exceptional villa is a delight to the eye with, once again, a feel for design and luxury. 

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