About us

Immofluisteraar distinguishes itself through years of experience and knowledge in this market segment as a specialized intermediary in the purchase and sale of equestrian/agricultural real estate.
All our employees are trained and certified real estate agents with their own BIV number (Professional Institute of Real estate agents). As a result, we guarantee the professional quality of our services.
Besides this official professional recognition as real estate agent, our team members have a strong affinity with the equine sector, spread over all branches of equestrian sports. As a result, they have an extensive social network within the right target audience, in which our sellers and buyers present themselves.
For our customers (both buyers and sellers) no effort is spared. Service is our hobbyhorse. We come personally for the initial meeting, the further visits and all the professional discussions. We take ample time to accompany each project individually and personally. Together with you, we will ensure a full follow-up of the project, from A to Z. From the valuation, the sale up to the authentic deed at the notary’s office. Could it be more personal!
Thanks to our extensive expertise, we have managed to sell, over the last five years, the ten largest equestrian complexes in our country.


We will make your dream come true. We see to it that horse lovers get happy finding their unique dream house with meadows, stables, and equestrian structures in a wide range.
Our mission is to match the right potential buyer with your specific project. We centralise the current offer of suitable projects all over Belgium and the Netherlands.
The passion for horses, animals, nature, as well as the location of each project in its typical landscape in combination with the know-how of our real estate agents, ensures that the estimates, on-site visits and negotiations are always done with full conviction and knowledge of the facts! 


We ensure a quick purchase and sale policy of equestrian properties; large or small, for the professional or the amateur. Immofluisteraar is still the only real estate agent that centralises the broadest offer of equestrian real estate on one website. This way you get immediately, a total and wide range of what can be found on the current market. No need to search. We have already done it for you. You can compare right away. You can match your personal wishes with specific search criteria on the website (type of housing – province – maximum budget).

Because of our passion for horses and expertise as a broker, we can listen very carefully to our searching clients and we get in confidence specific search criteria that we perfectly match to the offer. 


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Our Stephex Group is the world leader in the horsetrucks market. We are also very proud of our horses and their riders as they often place at the top of world rankings. This success was built on a dream. And we are still working on that very dream every single day. 

Our sporting results have made our reputation and confirmed our company’s philosophy: we thrive for all-round excellence in order to achieve perfection in everything we do. Quality is the starting point and the motto of our group. 
We would not have been able to achieve this dream without Stephan Conter, the founder and engine of the group. When you spend time with Stephan, you realize that anything is possible. 

Corporate life is full of ups and downs. In 2008 our barn won an Olympic medal and this really launched the Stephex Group into global recognition. At that moment we felt that our dream had finally become a reality. We really felt like we were on the right path. And today nothing could stir us away from this path. 


BM Service

BM Service is currently realizing projects in 15 countries around the world and is always looking to expand to new emerging markets. BM Service’s client portfolio consists mainly of equestrian professionals as renowned stables and top riders who also value its extensive service. For important events Bart is on standby on-site to supervise the arena’s quality. Apart from realizing new equestrian arena projects, Bart is also the go-to guy for resolving problems with existing equestrian arenas. He is often called the ‘sand doctor’. All sand analyses are done in BM Service’s in-house test lab. BM Service offers a complete range of different types of equestrian footings and related products that are developed in-house and is therefore able to manage projects from start to end.


Gova Plast

Govaplast by Govaerts Recycling is
HIGH–QUALITY recycled plastic profiles.
Boards, decking, fencing, furniture and playground equipment, all Govaplast material and Belgian made.
Implementing our core strength in an extensive range of durable products and systems in our Home, Street, Horse and Play collections, we are proud to say Govaplast has become the standard in the plastic recycling industry. Today we are one of the leading European players in the field of recycled plastic products. Continuous investments in technical innovation and in people will also in the future be major priority in order to continue sustainable growth.



Since 1997, Carla and Rik Roose have been the third generation to head the Strohandel Roose, a successful family company with almost eighty years of expertise and experience in the industry. 
Their range of products includes top-quality bedding and fourage for horses and cattle.
Roose offers unrivaled service for the delivery of products as well as for picking up horse manure. Along with their experienced employees, Carla and Rik are on standby on a daily basis to provide this service. 
A full range of products and services that customers value.



To regulate the profession of real estate agent, the government established a professional corporation under public law in 1993, the BIV. A public-law professional association is an independent and autonomous institution with a representative character: the members of the various bodies are elected under and by the real estate agents themselves. The government controls the Institute through a government commissioner. The Government Commissioner attends the meetings of the National Council and may appeal to the Minister of the Self-Employed against any decision of the National Council that would be contrary to the legislation, which may endanger the solvency of the Institute, or which does not reach the commission belongs to the National Council.

CIB Vlaanderen


CIB Flanders - in full Confederation of Real Estate Professions Flanders - represents the Flemish real estate sector. Our professional organization has more than 2,700 members, represents more than 50% of the real estate offices in Flanders or 75% of the turnover of the sector. In addition to real estate agents, property managers, promoters and experts also find accommodation at CIB Flanders. Just like anyone who is active in commercial and tourist real estate. Our members can count on a wide range of services, a large network and advocacy at all levels.